Sviata Sonza Festival of the Sun KUPAL FOLK-ROCK open-air FESTIVAL

16-17 June 2018

folk / folk-rock / pagan and related genres

Museum Complex "Dudutki"

40 km from Minsk, Minsk region, Пуховичский район, деревня Птичь

How to get there Festival schedule


KUPAL FOLK-ROCK FESTIVAL DUDUTKI   Two-day festival, unique for Belarus and the CIS!

Music in the style of folk / folk-rock / pagan and related genres, fire show festival, interactive stages.

KUPAL FOLK-ROCK FESTIVAL DUDUTKI   Open-air concert of the iconic Belarusian teams of our time!

STARY OLSA / IRDORATH / Pawa / BY CRY / HardWood / Rokash / ALL_CRAZY / Plema / Ketri

Купальский фэст в Дудутках   Belarusian traditions & old slavonic entertainments!

The shortest and magical night of the year will give an unforgettable holiday! A lot of events on one stage - concerts, traditions and ceremonies, a tent camp and a bonfire holiday of the summer solstice are waiting for you.


Festival information


Tickets can be purchased at the museum box office Dudutki on the spot. There are enough tickets for everyone!Read more


Море позитива и отличной музыки. Яркие представители фолк сцены приедут поздравить Вас с самым солнечным праздником этого лета!
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В 2017 году на фестивале выступили 20 лучших коллективов из разных стран, работающих в жанре «огненного шоу»! Выступления каскадеров, акробатов и пластических театров, световые и пиротехнические эффекты


Ежедневные рейсовые автобусы из Минска, на электричке или машине. В дни фестиваля будут организованы дополнительные автобусные рейсы по маршруту. Подробнее в ВК

Tickets to the Festival

Tickets to the international open-air folk festival "Sviata Sonza 2018" Festival ("Festival of the Sun at Midsummer") are not on sale yet. Tickets will appear closer to the date of the Event.

How to get to "Dudutki"

схема проезда в Дудутки Dudutki Museum Complex

Museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technology "Dudutki" is 40 km away from Minsk in Pukhovicheskiy region, расположен в живописном месте рядом с рекою Птичь в полутора километрах от д. Дудичи.

Более подробная информация о комплексе на официальном сайте наших партнеров

Как добраться

Option 1: Shuttle city bus: Warning! Bus №323 Minsk -Dudutki, is now goes from the central bus station. Bus №323 Minsk Dudutki Info-desk: tel. 114. Also in the days of the festival additional buses from Minsk will be organized. As well it's possible to take a train from Minsk to Rudensk station and from there by bus to Dudutki (free shuttle service). If there is a possibility to move on your car, then the route should be chosen as follows GPS coordinates museum complex Dudutki: 53 ° 35 796 \ 'N, 27 ° 41061 \' E - about 40 minutes drive from Minsk.

Адрес: 222845 Минская область, Пуховичский район, деревня Птичь
Координаты GPS: 53°35.796\' N, 27°41.061\' E

How to get to Dudutki

Open-air concert

схема проезда в Дудутки8-ми часовой концерт!

На главной сцене фестиваля выступят музыкальные коллективы фолк / фолк-рок / pagan и смежных направлений.

Участники 2017:


Festival events

схема проезда в Дудутки

The Festival of Fire was one of the most spectacular events of the Kupala Festival "Sviata Sonza 2017" (Festival of the Sun 2017). During the festival about 20 teams made their fire performances and demonstrate their skills.
Concert stage, open-air concert. Performance of bands, playing in folk / folk-rock / pagan and related genres.
The town of the craftsmen - handicraft workshops: forgers (master class, marching forge), pottery, stone processing, weapons workshop, platting from straw, ritual doll, weaving, tanneries, jewelry, mint, etc.
Kupala Fair: products of traditional handicraft workshops: forged items and medieval decorations, dishes and pottery, linen products, traditional clothing, souvenirs, props for fire shows, etc.
Ethno-area: reenactment of traditional rituals of the celebration of Kupala like fortune telling, divination, wicker working and launching wreaths in the water, Kupala fires, etc.
Dudutki's Inn: traditional Belarusian cuisine, culinary master classes.
Open lectures on the history, traditions, rituals and themes of the event.
Assault course.During the Festival you will be able to participate in the passage of the assault course under the aegis of the quest "Paparac Kvetka", what means a magic flower from Belarusian folklore.
"A village square" – performances of dance and music bands, street theaters, fakirs, Kupala theme performances, master classes on traditional dances, etc.
Interactive stages – attractions like bow and crossbow shooting range, medieval and folk games, "Viking games", a Scottish playground for "highlanders", a children's playground, a “Heroes: BattleGaming” platform, tabletop games, a rock-climbing wall, "archery battle" and others.

After the concert

After the open-air concert, at dawn, a big fire show will take place. It will be a torchlight procession to the Ptich River, ending with the flaring of the biggest Kupala bonfire in Belarus! There will be jumping through fire, bathing dances, games, fortune-telling and much more! All of this on the shore of the river.


Camp & Parking

A tent camp will be operating on the territory of the festival - a fenced area, to the left of the entrance to the Dudutki complex. You may stay for the night.


There is a large and free parking near the main entrance to the Dudutki museum complex.


You can have your own tents, rugs, etc. There is a rental from the organizers by prior request. There you can rent a tent, sleeping bag, BBQ. Fires are forbidden, but braizers are allowed. Firewood, coal and so on are available. There will be bio-toilets installed. On the territory of the camp there will be points of catering.

Food and Beverages

Food & Beverages Where to eat

Many food points will be organized on the territory of the museum complex "Dudutki", where it is possible to both have a snack and thoroughly eat lunch.

The restaurant "Korchma" serves traditional and Belarusian national cuisine. In the "Shinok" bar, you can try a moonshine with traditional snacks.

In addition, there will be catering points with pancakes, meat dishes, hot and soft drinks, etc.

Fair & City of craftsmen

Fair & City of craftsmenГород мастеров

Craft workshops: forges (master classes, marching smithy), pottery workshop, straw-making, ritual doll, platting from rod, weapons workshop, tanner's shop, jeweler workshop, etc.


Products of traditional handicraft workshops handmade, crockery, clothing, jewelry, linen products, etc.


Who are we?

Extreme theater berserk was founded in 2002. Since then until now, we possess unlimited love to what we do - creation of fantastically wonderful events and unique parties!

Today we are an experienced and creative team, which consists of professionals: actors, stunt men, musicians, dancers, acrobats, circus artists, masters of martial arts, successful script writers and event managers. Our website.


Open-air Купальский фэст Свята Сонца
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    Музейный комплекс старинных народных ремесел и технологий - карта проезда
  • Минская область, Пуховичский район, деревня Птичь
    Координаты GPS: 53°35.796\' N, 27°41.061\' E
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